#TimeToTalk about Islington Giving’s Mental Health Challenge Fund

Abianda, Body & Soul, the Brandon Centre, Jobs in Mind, and the Women’s Therapy Centre have so far provided around 100 young people with safe spaces to talk about their mental health.

Awarded funding in 2016, each project offers tailored, sensitive support built around peoples’ life experience. The transition period between teenage years and young adulthood can often be a difficult time; we heard that many people experienced a ‘drop-off’ of support having reached 18. By building greater connections with statutory organisations and other providers of support in the borough, the projects have been able to connect young people with wider wrap-around support.

The organisations found that young people experiencing anxiety, depression or isolation reported feelings of greater independence and confidence. Some of the young people, previously socially excluded in some way, were supported into college placements and employment opportunities.

Islington has the highest levels of diagnosed depression in London, and some of the highest levels of people experiencing mental ill-health in the country. At Islington Giving, we recognise that life in the densely populated inner city can be complex. We are committed to reaching isolated people, and working with residents, businesses, voluntary organisations and other funders to work out effective ways of supporting peoples’ mental health and wellbeing.