All groups supported by Islington Giving offer volunteering opportunities which can range from just a few hours each week to mentor a child through to joining the Board of a community group.

To find out about current vacancies and to get involved contact Islington’s local volunteer agencies

We have many years of experience in dealing with volunteers.

We’re happy to offer support and advice for both people wanting to offer their own time and organisations looking to recruit volunteers and manage them as a part of their workforce. Individual confidential interviews are available to new volunteers.

Here To is an accessible and fun website that makes volunteering easy. Check out a wide range of projects, taking place over half a day or a full day, and connect with community groups and organisations across Islington!
big_allianceThe BIG Alliance

In June 2012, Islington Giving, asked ELBA (East London Business Alliance) to help set up a new business-supported employee volunteer programme. The result is the BIG Alliance.

The BIG Alliance can effectively match the interests and abilities of volunteers to community need whatever their level of expertise or how much time they have to commit.

Just some of the things they can do include:
• business planning
• becoming a charity trustee
• mentoring a voluntary sector leader
• accountancy & financial advice
• human resource management
• marketing
• legal advice

Click here to find out more about the Big Alliance and how to volunteer.