All groups supported by Islington Giving offer volunteering opportunities which can range from just a few hours each week to mentor a child through to joining the Board of a community group.

Voluntary Action Islington (VAI) has launched a helpful tool to enable local people to search for volunteering opportunities in the borough. You can use the widget below. If you have any queries regarding your search, please contact VAI.

If you work or operate a business in the borough and are interested in volunteering locally, the BIG Alliance can help to match you with local voluntary organisations, or partner you up with mentees.
big_allianceThe BIG Alliance

The BIG Alliance connects businesses in Islington with the community, enabling people living and working in the borough to get involved with activities that change lives. 16 large businesses work with the BIG Alliance to develop strategies that help them build their community networks whilst building the skills of employees.

Visit the BIG Alliance website for more information.