Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme

In November 2015 Islington Giving launched a new funding Programme to support people who have already developed, or are at high risk of developing, poor mental health. A part of Islington Giving’s ‘It’s Me – It’s You’ campaign, highlighting the high levels of mental ill health in Islington, the Programme aims to prevent the escalation of problems that contribute to poor mental health and promote positive mental health and wellbeing for young people between the ages of 10-27.

Islington Giving is delighted to announce the first projects to have been successfully awarded funding through this Programme:

  • Body and SoulThe Foundations of Happiness Project will work with young people who have attempted suicide or self harm to provide therapeutic and peer led holistic support aimed at increasing resilience.
  • A partnership between the Brandon Centre and Jobs in MindThe Empowering Socially Anxious Young Men Disengaged from Education, Employment, Training and Social Relationships Project will work intensively with young men/boys to encourage engagement with support and services.  Outreach therapeutic support will be offered to facilitate access to peer led support groups as a means to build confidence, overcome anxiety, and access wider opportunities.
  • AbiandaThe Star Project will work with young women affected by gangs to build resilience through participative approaches that build on the strengths of the young women themselves. The Project will work to create opportunities for exiting gang affiliations by encouraging awareness of unhealthy relationships, developing coping strategies and fostering empowerment in young women.
  • Women’s Therapy CentreThe Supporting Socially Excluded Young Mums in Crisis Project will work with disadvantaged and excluded young mums with poor mental health, with a focus on BAMER communities including: Somali, Turkish, and Arabic speakers as well as young mums from first and second generation African and Caribbean backgrounds.  The project will provide community-based outreach and support including group therapy sessions and peer led engagement.  By building trust over time the project aims to increase young mothers’ coping and self-management skills, while providing the space to help them plan a future for themselves and their children.

While all of the above projects work with different client groups they demonstrate the range of approaches that are key to the overall Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme:

  • Managing the difficult 16-25 year old transition
  • Helping beneficiaries who struggle to engage with, or lack trust in, statutory services
  • A belief in beneficiaries as assets
  • Encouraging  one-to-one and peer support