Islington Giving: reaching isolated people

“I went to Angel which is not my usual shopping area, and I waved to a couple of people on the street that I’d met through the Saturday Socials, and I felt like wow, yeah, you belong here!”

Saturday Socials Regular

Thanks to the tireless work of people living and working in the borough, Islington Giving is able to reach isolated people of all ages. We recognise the complex challenges of living in the densely populated inner-city and work with local people to create more opportunities for residents to socialise, share and feel part of the community.

Islington Giving welcomes news that the Government has appointed Tracey Crouch MP to tackle issues connected to loneliness, raised by Jo Cox.

Since 2013 we have supported Saturday Socials activities for older people in the borough. Hundreds of people come together each week to make art, dance and write poetry. There are plenty of trips arranged through the year, including visits to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

Alongside the Saturday Socials, our new strategy to support families in Islington is built around their wish to have ‘a life not a service’. This year, we are investing £200,000 to support organisations to build the social networks of families and their children. Though lots of people live on estates, they can often be lonely places. The Good Neighbours Schemes actively reach out to isolated local residents. They bring people together to socialise, try new things (like yoga, baking and crafts), and help make their neighbourhoods better places to live.

Our work helps to change the lives of thousands of people each year, but there are many more we have not yet reached. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how you can make a difference in Islington.