Islington Giving Event: Meet Our Friends at Company Three

Last week (9th Oct) we took friends, supporters and interested local people to see the inspirational work of Company Three.

Company Three was established in 2008 to support young people aged 11-19 from Islington. Over the past decade, they have developed a nationally-regarded approach to supporting and training young people as theatre-makers, through long-term collaboration with professional artists.

“Make no mistake: what Company Three is doing stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the most inventive and high-quality theatre currently being made in the UK” The Guardian, 2015


Company Three Cofounders Adam Coleman and Ned Glasier discussed the methodology and creative process of developing theatre with the talented young performers.

Each of our guests split off and got immersed in the action, joining small groups of young theatre-makers getting to grips with scenes from their latest piece, Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet.

Young performers and representatives from Marsh and Parsons, Bolt Burdon and Central Saint Martins used everyday objects as props to act out famous scenes such as Mercutio’s death (a video can be found here).

One of our supporters and two young performers combined classic Shakespearean text with slang to create a modern-day twist on the script (a video can be found here)

A new member of Company Three, poet Bridget Minimore, wrote as the workshop was in action and shared her impressively fast talent with the group for the first time (a video can be viewed here).

Islington Giving has supported Company Three to expand their unique programme of drama activities for young people in Islington, awarding £43,700 since 2013.

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