Supporting Families

Islington Giving’s Supporting Families programme aims to:

  • Open-up opportunities at times and in places not usually accessible to families who are isolated or living in poverty.
  • Remove barriers by reaching those in need and targeting support effectively.
  • Actively promote volunteering and encourage people to give time. This includes families being involved in the design and delivery of activities.
  • Widen awareness of the needs affecting Islington families by championing the issues that emerge from the programme.
  • Collaborate with residents, organisations, and / or businesses in delivering high-quality projects and activities.

All organisations funded through the Supporting Families programme are delivering some or all of the following:

  • Improved relationships – parents and children benefit by spending time together and new friendships / networks are established between families
  • Enjoyment of life – parents and children experience fun and enjoyment by taking part in activities they may not normally access
  • Better connections – parents feel more confident and are better able to take advantage of local services and opportunities
  • Greater resilience – parents feel better able to cope with the challenges of being a parent in difficult circumstances

This year we published a the results of a consultation with Islington families who told us they want ‘A life not a service’. You can read more below: