Reaching Isolated People

Social isolation, and its effects on people’s well-being, is an issue affecting the lives of Islington residents in different parts of the borough and across all ages.  It has therefore been a core theme for Islington Giving since its inception.  Islington Giving supports initiatives that proactively seek to identify and reach out to the most isolated and vulnerable Islington residents.   A number of innovative strategies have been adopted to take forward this work.  This includes developing partnerships aimed at reaching more isolated residents, while offering a wider range of activities, area based initiatives that tackle social isolation through the building of social capital and maximising the use of local assets.

All organisations funded through Islington Giving to reach isolated people deliver some or all of the following:

  • Helping residents to feel close to others and feel they have people they can turn to for company and support
  • Providing residents with a sense of belonging, helping them to feel happy within their communities and social networks
  • Connecting residents to opportunities to take part and get involved
  • Providing or creating opportunities that represent residents’ needs and interests
  • Increasing residents confidence to try new things and meet new people.

Our Mental Health Challenge Fund was launched in 2015, and has funded five projects to support younger residents experiencing, or at risk of developing, mental ill-health. You can read more about the Fund here.