How we help

Islington Giving exists to shine a light on poverty and inequality, identify issues and harness resources to create positive change in Islington. We shape our work around two overarching priorities:

  1. Confronting isolation. Islington Giving works to connect people, particularly the most isolated, to local networks, activities and services in order to improve well-being.

  2. Unlocking Islington. Islington Giving works to open up local assets, spaces and opportunities in the borough for residents who face disadvantages in accessing them.

We address these priorities by:

  • Investing in young people. Islington Giving provides opportunities for young people to make the most of their free time with programmes of activities such as Friday Night Out. We  create pathways for young people’s futures through the mentoring Islington Giving has made available in schools in Islington.

  • Supporting families. Islington Giving provides places for families to go to socialise and engage but also provides dedicated support, for example through the Parent House programme.

  • Reaching isolated people. Islington Giving proactively reaches out to and connects isolated people to other residents, to social activities and to support services. We have dedicated programmes to help address isolation among older people and to improve mental health and well-being for those most at risk.

All our work focuses on inclusion. Our guiding principle is for everyone regardless of circumstance to be able to give - (time, expertise or resources) to benefit their community. Projects and initiatives we support and fund which benefit Islington residents may be open to all but we work hard to reach those who are less able to access activities, services and opportunities for reasons such as low income, disability or isolation.

To maximise the impact of our work Islington Giving:

  • Makes grants to community and voluntary sector providers of high quality activities and services in Islington. Our grants support important work at grassroots in the borough which involves and benefits residents. Our grants support ongoing projects and help to make space for new initiatives. Islington Giving currently supports over 60 local projects. Go to Our Grants for details on funding opportunities and how to apply, and details of all our grants since 2011.

  • Builds partnerships with a range of others. Islington Giving began as a coalition of organisations. Working in partnership is at the heart of everything we do. We partner with residents, volunteers, community and voluntary sector groups, statutory services and businesses.

  • Fundraises to bring more resources into Islington and increase our grant-making.