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Islington Giving has raised over £5million since being established in 2010, supporting over 60 local organisations in that time.

Read about our work in 2016 below. Last year, residents, businesses, voluntary organisations and funders came together to directly reach over 4,000 people in the borough, awarding £1,064,277 in grant funding.


Summary Report – Making the Most of Free Time

A consultation with Islington’s young people

Islington Giving has invested in young people since our launch in 2010. Young people told us that they wanted to do more at the weekends when most activities were closed. From Saturday Night Out at the Sobell Centre, which has attracted 400 young people, to Friday Night Out with Arsenal in the Community, Islington Giving has opened venues and tested new ways of giving young people opportunities to make the most of their free time. Mentoring Works, launched in September 2014, now brings young people into businesses so that they can step into the world of work.

We wanted to know more about how to support young people to get the best out of Islington and so we asked over 300 of Islington’s young people for their views.

A summary of the report can be read here

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Making the Most of Free Time

An in-depth consultation with young people 

In May 2015 Islington Giving asked researchers – Kaizen Partnership – to talk to Islington’s young people and ask them what they did with their free time, what they thought of the activities arranged for them, and what could be better. We were interested in the views of young people aged 12-18 living regular Islington lives.

The full report can be viewed here

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Distant Neighbours

Poverty and Inequality in Islington

In 2013 Cripplegate Foundation commissioned a new piece of research into poverty and inequality in the borough, five years after the publication of Invisible Islington, to see how things had changed and how local organisations could best make a difference. It found evidence of an increasingly wide gap between the wealthiest and poorest residents, both in terms of income and in terms of how people experience life in the borough.

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Giving Together

How Islington Giving is transforming local philanthropy

In 2012 Islington Giving commissioned OPM and NCVO (links target blank) to carry out an independent evaluation of the work we do. They found that Islington Giving was more than the sum of its parts, breaking new ground through its unique focus on place, partnership and local knowledge.

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Invisible Islington

Living in Poverty in Inner London

In 2008 Cripplegate Foundation commissioned research to shine a light on poverty in Islington, to explore the factors that make it so entrenched – ill health, dept, isolation and lack of opportunity – and to re-think the actions needed to tackle it.

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