Our story so far

Islington Giving grew out of a shared acknowledgement by a range of local organisations and stakeholders of the depth and perniciousness of poverty in Islington. This was highlighted in the 2008 report, Invisible Islington: Living in poverty in inner London.

Whilst deprivation and inequality had long been the concern of many working in the borough, this report, commissioned by Cripplegate Foundation, threw stark new light on the issues. By exploring the day-to-day lives of Islington’s poorest residents and allowing them to share their stories of debt, ill-health, isolation and lack of opportunity, Invisible Islington powerfully expressed the often hidden human reality of inner city poverty. Invisible Islington exposed the borough’s split personality. Islington is a place of  “striking social extremes, where London’s richest and poorest residents exist side by side, living entirely different lives.”

In 2016 poverty is deepening and inequality is widening in Islington.

In Islington:

  • 1 in 5 people live in poverty
  • The borough is ranked in the bottom 10% of deprived areas in England
  • We have one of the highest levels of child deprivation – 38% of our children live in poverty
  • We have one of the highest levels – fifth in England – of older people suffering deprivation

In the wake of the publication of Invisible Islington, a group of local and national organisations came together to form a three year campaign. In 2015 Islington Giving moved from being a campaign to having a permanent role in the borough.

Islington Giving is founded on:

  • Deep local knowledge
  • Recognition that everyone can make a difference
  • Belief that our impact is greatest when we work together

Since 2010, we have raised over £4.6million, to support over 60 voluntary organisations and charities, and engaged the support of over 4,000 volunteers.

You too can be a part of the Islington Giving movement.

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