Our story so far

Islington Giving grew out of a shared acknowledgement by a range of local organisations and stakeholders of the depth and perniciousness of poverty in Islington. This was highlighted in the 2008 report, ‘Invisible Islington: Living in poverty in Inner London’.

Invisible Islington exposed the borough’s split personality. Showing that Islington is a place of  “striking social extremes, where London’s richest and poorest residents exist side by side, living entirely different lives.”

The findings of Invisible Islington motivated a group of local and national organisations came together to form a 3 year campaign. Following the success of this campaign, which raised £3million in 3 years, Islington Giving now plays a permanent and vital role in supporting local residents.

Islington Giving is founded on:

  • Deep local knowledge
  • Recognition that everyone can make a difference
  • Belief that our impact is greatest when we work together

Since 2010, we have raised almost £6million, supported over 60 voluntary organisations and charities, and engaged the support of almost 5,000 volunteers.

You too can be a part of the Islington Giving movement. Click here to find out more about ways of getting involved.