The Board

Beatrix Payne - Breadsticks Foundation

“Islington is important to me because… my family and I live here, attend its schools, use its amenities and enjoy its many opportunities and resources. I want to assist Islington and our wonderful community to achieve the best we can together.”

The Breadsticks Foundation makes grants to charities involved in improving the provision of healthcare and education. The Foundation aims to work with communities on the fringes of their society and economy.

They fund projects in the UK, Africa and Asia and work with organisations based in the UK and abroad.

Breadsticks Foundation

Jenny Field - City Bridge Trust

“Islington is important to me because… I’m excited by the new opportunities we have to make a real difference to people in the borough”

City Bridge Trust is the funding arm of Bridge House Estates. It was established to make use of funds surplus to bridge requirements and provides grants totalling around £20m per year towards charitable activity benefitting Greater London.

City Bridge Trust

Rob Hull (Chair) - Cripplegate Foundation

“Islington is important to me because… I've lived here for over 30 years and have increasingly become involved with the organisations serving its residents. Through my work as a local school and university governor, I am well aware of the huge diversity in this inner London borough, and am keen to play my part in tackling the poverty and inequality which gets in the way. Islington Giving provides a great opportunity for us all to get involved.”

Cripplegate Foundation is an independent charity working in Islington and parts of the City of London.

The vision of Cripplegate Foundation is of a society where everyone has the opportunity to live a rewarding and fulfilled life free from poverty and inequality.

The Foundation’s mission is to bring about change that will transform the lives of Islington’s most disadvantaged residents, by funding voluntary organisations and working in partnership with others.

Cripplegate Foundation

Amy Veitch - The Macquarie Group Foundation

“Islington is important to me because… It’s where I work, where I live, where my friends and family are, where I raise my daughter, and where I have called home for almost 15 years. I love the diversity and vibrancy of the community, and feel passionately about supporting this, including to address some of the challenges affecting the borough.”

The Macquarie Group Foundation provides support to community organisations globally each year through financial support, volunteering and skills sharing, predominantly in the locations in which Macquarie operates.

Their work is significantly influenced by the activities of Macquarie staff with a focus on capacity building within the community sector and increasing social and economic mobility.

The Macquarie Group Foundation

Jack Morris (Chair of the Islington Giving Appeal) - The Morris Charitable Trust

"Islington is important to me because... I've seen firsthand the issues affecting this borough and know the difference that initiatives like Islington Giving can make. Islington is where our business started in 1954, and continues today, so it is important to us to help, where we can, in building a thriving community"

The Morris Charitable Trust was established in 1989 to provide support for charitable causes. It was founded by the Morris Family whose business activities including the Business Design Centre Group Ltd are based in Islington.

The objectives of the Trust are to promote charitable causes, in particular, to relieve the deprived, sick and aged and advance education for the public benefit. The Trust supports local community projects and other specially selected charities. Particular emphasis is placed on alleviating social hardship and deprivation and, because of the Morris Family’s history and business location, the Trust primarily supports causes within the community of the London Borough of Islington.

The Morris Charitable Trust

Maggie Elliott (Vice Chair) - Cloudesley

Islington is important to me because it has been my home for over 20 years. I’ve watched as Islington has grown and changed, but still remains a vibrant inner-city community. Islington Giving is an inspired way to bring the talents and experience of local people together to benefit one another. Together we can make this an even better place to live.”

Cloudesley gives grants to address poverty and ill health, mental ill health and disability, and to the Anglican churches in Islington.

The Charity was founded in 1517 under the Will of Richard Cloudesley, an Islington resident, and is now governed by a Charity Commission Scheme of 1980.

The Charity is able to award grants to people and organisations within its “area of benefit”, what was the Ancient parish of St Mary, Islington and is now the present London Borough of Islington excluding areas south of Chapel Market and City Road.