Abianda’s Star Project to continue for two more years

Abianda offers one-to-one, group work and employment opportunities to gang-affected young women. Abianda seeks to address the gap in services for gang-affected young women. It changes the way services are delivered so they effectively respond to young women’s needs. Abianda does this by addressing the barriers that stop young women seeking help and working alongside them to design and deliver services.

Islington Giving has just awarded two years funding for Abianda’s Star Project. This was one of the first grants awarded through our Mental Health Challenge Fund, designed to respond to the alarming levels of mental ill-health in the borough. Working with Islington Council and others , the Star Project empowers young women to work through complex issues that can arise as a result of being affected by gangs. With a non-judgemental, human approach, Abianda encourages the young women to decide what can work for them in their lives.