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Islington Giving

New Programme Launched: Young Grant-Makers

A group of 15 local people aged 16-26 have joined Islington Giving to make grant decisions that will benefit Islington’s young people.

They are inviting applications for projects that will strengthen the community in Islington and provide more activities for young people enabling them to learn new skills and meet new people.

You can find further information here. 

Young people from Islington involved in the new Young Grant-Makers Programme. The cohort of 15 young people will run their own grants programme and award funding to help other young people in the community.About Islington Giving

We are an independent group of residents, businesses, voluntary organisations and funders working together to tackle poverty and inequality in Islington.

We want Islington to be a place where everyone – regardless of circumstance – has the opportunity and means to live a fulfilled life.

You can help us make this a reality. Read more about how to become a friend of Islington Giving here.

What we do

We work by shining a light on the issues of poverty and inequality and harnessing resources to address them.  We focus on:

Our support

100% of income raised by Islington Giving is spent directly on supporting organisations working in Islington. The running costs of Islington Giving are paid for by Cripplegate Foundation.