Islington Reads the Bible launched at Islington Green

by Andy Wright on June 9, 2011

UPDATE: The event is now finished, thanks and congratulations to all those who read and supported the event. You can still donate here

At 10.00am today ‘Islington Reads the Bible’ began, a marathon public reading of the King James Bible to celebrate its 400th anniversary, and also to raise money for Islington Giving. A host of high profile local residents read the opening chapters, setting the event on its continuous path through day and night until the last verse is read on Sunday evening.

Actress and local resident Janet Henfrey

 ’Islington Reads the Bible’ was opened by organiser Margaret Evans and Jack Morris, Chair of the Islington Giving Appeals Committee, who thanked everyone who has contributed to the event. He also reminded those present that though, standing beside Islington Green, the borough may seem an affluent place, Islington is in fact the 4th most deprived borough in London and there remains a great division in its communities between the ‘haves and have-nots’. Islington Giving fights poverty and creates opportunity, bringing people together to build a fairer future for all. 

Author and Islington resident Betsy Tobin

 Please head over to Islington Green anytime between now and 8.00pm on Sunday 12th June to hear the readers celebrating the great history and influence of the King James Bible, and to find out more about Islington Giving.

The event was kindly supported with refreshments by Euphorium Bakery.

You can donate to ‘Islington Reads the Bible’ supporting Islington Giving by clicking here.