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New Islington Giving project – The Parent House mentoring scheme

by Jacqui Broadhead on January 31, 2011

Islington Giving is pleased to have agreed a grant of £20 000 to the Parent House to deliver a parent mentoring project.

Housed in the former caretaker’s house of Winton Primary School near King’s Cross, The Parent House have been encouraging and supporting parents and carers to develop their confidence, skills and abilities since 2000. Small and friendly they provide a safe learning environment for parents to take classes and achieve their full potential, including a free crèche for their children.

In 2009 the Parent House realised that a lot of parents were dropping by, even when they weren’t enrolled on a course, because the house was a place that they felt comfortable in, with people that they trusted.

Wanting to build on this, they developed a pilot to train parents to mentor and support other parents. The project is an innovative one, the Parent House place their focus on the mentors, supporting them with accredited training and one-to-one support. This focus means that they can not only support another parent but also gain new skills and qualifications so that they themselves can move towards getting work.

Islington Giving is proud to be able to support this both this project and the Parent House, the only organisation working with parents in this way in Islington. The mentoring scheme is an example of how a small amount of investment can allow people to support each other, gain confidence and move towards employment.

You can find out more about the Parent House and the courses that they offer here